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Improving the energy efficiency of appliances and products has significant economic and environmental benefits for our nation.

More and more people are becoming aware that a fridge that has an energy rating of "A"  will be more efficient than one with a B or C or D energy rating.

But how much more efficient? It's a good question and, surprisingly, the difference varies from appliance to appliance.

With regards to Defy chest freezers we see below a user friendly table showing the difference between using an older Defy chest freezer to the new chest freezer "A" energy rated range.

Model Code

Old Model Consumption (kWh)*

New Model Consumption (kWh)*

% Improvement

Minimum Annual Saving @ R1.17/kWh**





















* Based on Energy Consumption Test Standard: IEC 62552
** Based on the average cost of 1 kWh in April 2013 (Including VAT)

Defy "A" energy chest freezers use smaller amounts of electricity due to new optimised insulation.

This in turn reduces electricity bills and benefits the environment.

All Defy chest freezers are "A" energy rated.

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Our AquaFusion system makes your laundry detergent work harder.

AquaFusion is available in a 6kg and 7kg washing machine, both of which have an A+ energy rating. The 7kg autowasher is equipped with two energy-saving Eco Wash programmes that help reduce electricity costs and can therefore save you money. Time- saving programmes (14, 17 and 39 minutes) also allow for reduced energy consumption.

Tub outlet blocks to prevent detergent wastage through the drain (nearly 25% in regular machines)

Washing detergent is fully infused with laundry water

Perfect cleaning results

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Our Dual Cooling system is so progressive, why not just go with the flow?

Two separate fans in the fridge and freezer generate two separate air flows to ensure that optimum temperatures remain stable, preventing food in the fridge from freezing and eliminating unpleasant odour transfer between compartments. The fridges and freezers are also equipped with No Frost technology to halve the cooling time and provide an optimum level of humidity to extend the lifespan of fresh produce.

Fresh Blue Light technology to preserve fruit and vegetables

Touch control electronic LCD

Water dispenser

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With our Thermofan gas stove, every feast is less of a feat.

Use both baking trays to cook dishes simultaneously without any flavour or aroma transfer. To further improve the baking experience the oven door can be conveniently opened at anytime to inspect food without any risk of heat loss.

Digital display

Electronic ignition

5 burner controls with flame
failure safety device

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